Left: First known picture of the Zoobridge in May 1908. Right: Picture from July, 2015. (See Image Credits)

‘Good-bye Zoobridge’ is Finished

My first project with Medium’s Series feature is all done.

My first project (creation? nothing quite fits) using Medium’s new Series feature is complete.

It’s quite a bit different from the other materials related to the Strictly A River Crossing publication, as this is my personal story of coming across the history behind these bridges, paired with some reflections as one of them (the eponymous Zoobridge) is torn down.

It was written over the last three weeks, in sections as current events on the removal of the structure occurred.

At the time of this writing, Medium’s Series feature can only be read using the Medium App on a mobile device! If you are using the Medium App then go to: Good-bye Zoobridge

For those not using Medium’s App, I have created a PDF and slideshow version hosted on the Zoobridge.ca site here: Good-bye Zoobridge Blog Post

Samples from various cards from ‘Good-bye Zoobridge.’

On Medium’s ‘Series’ Feature

This being my first completed Series, I thought I would briefly comment on the feature and what I hope to do with it in the future.

First, the feature is clearly incomplete and that’s disappointing.

Clearly, competition from a major company (which I will refer to as Zuckface henceforth) and its picture snapping subsidiary encouraged a rapid release.

I know Zuckface is big and scary and downright evil, but its still frustrating when something that is so obviously incomplete is released. Particularly when there is much to commend about it.

But really, I shouldn’t have to create a PDF version to be able to share this with everyone who doesn’t have Medium’s app.

A working webpage version is a minimum requirement prior to release.

Still, the format holds much potential and the constraints of the mobile scaled ‘cards’ actually helps to the writing and creative process.

While more picture sizes would be nice, the 3 included are good starts.

It would be a really good to be able to tie in a ‘Series’ (a better name might not be a bad idea either) to a publication (such as the one this post is in), although so far that doesn’t seem to be an option.

I already have another idea in progress with the series that I hope will be interesting. Again, its something I would like to attach to this publication.

Upcoming on Strictly A River Crossing

The old Zoobridge is gone but the live-tweeting of its construction continues! Tweeting with a 110 year delay, covering the entire process from city council’s decision through to completion in May 1908.

Coming soon: Calgary’s first bridges.

Image Credits

Image 1: 
Left Panel
~ Princess Studios of Calgary. May 27, 1908. Calgary, AB. The Morning Albertan via Calgary Public Library. Image is Public Domain.
Right Panel ~ Jack Hope. June 2015. Calgary, AB. An Elderly Bridge Summer.©

Image 2:
Jack Hope & Susan Hope.
2017. Calgary, AB.

Image 3:
Jack Hope.
2017. Calgary, AB

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